Monday, March 29, 2010

Citizen's Academy Communications

This was very interesting this week. We talk about Communications in which includes dispatching. I was really impressed of all the calls and how they have to dispatch. We were given a test and on the test was three columns one labeled Numbers, another Color and the 3rd was the alphabet. What we had to do is listen to the dispatch and write down everything that was being said in the correct column. This was not easy because sometimes the dispatch had 3 things said at once and it came very fast. In a split second and try to write down the info too. I know I didn't pass this test. I now admire those dispatchers!!
Later today my husband and I are going to sit for 4 hours and watch them at work and be able to ask questions. I found it interesting that they are now looking to update the program that can use texting or pictures to send to the dispatchers that might help them out. I also found it interesting that people use the computer to call in 911.
The jail food menu was Hamburger casserole, lettuce salad, hot apples, bun and cookies.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Citizen's Academy

You are probably asking what is this? Our county has offered what is called "Citizen's Academy" in which the Sheriff's Office offers for 10 weeks free a training about the office. Our county hires quite a few citizen's to help run the Sheriff's Office. I thought this sounded exciting so I asked my husband to see if he wanted to go and he did. We also get free food from the jail if we want to. The topics they will be talking about are
3. Support Services
4 DRE/Traffic Safety
5.Field Services
6. Media Relations/Internal Affairs /County Attorney
7. Firearms Special Unit (we get to shoot guns)
8. Investigations Drug Task Force
9. Jail
10 We Graduate

One of these classes we get to ride with the Sheriff car. I can't wait for that. Another class we get to drive the car. So stay tuned every week I will put something new up at what we learned in class.
This week we talked about Administration and how the Sheriff's office runs, what includes the budget, the history of the office, how many employees. Our Office has 82 employess and they hire 18 citizen's to help keep the budget down.
The menu for food was Chicken and rice casserole, bananas, orange slices, assorted cooked vegetables, cookies and brownies. We did eat there and I must say it was good.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ring and a pendant

I took another jewelry class and made a pendant and ring. I was going to plan on selling the pendant but I liked it so much that I'm keeping it. The ring I planned on keeping already because I wanted to make one and it is my first. I'm pleased with it, but I did need quite a bit of help from my wonderful instructor. She is so patient in class and knows so much. I'm really thankful that she is around here. You will need to start looking in my store soon for some metalsmithing jewelry.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mustache Birthday Cake

Oh, yes you read that title correct a mustache birthday cake. My son turned 13 this past Saturday and he wanted a mustache birthday cake. Is this funny or what. We have a friend who has been making his cakes since he was two, bless her. She does such a wonderful job. Just ask what he wants and she delivers. The cakes always look great and are so moist and yummy! All chocolate inside this one. I wish I could say I did this but I can't even come close!