Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome Etsy Artists!

I am really enjoying that pounce feature on Etsy. These are new artists I found through the fun feature. My first one is for all the women who love handbags. What girl doesn't want one of them. This is from tamrasbag shop named Austin bag. Go check out her other fun bags in her shop by clicking on the orange colored name.

My next artist is graybeard . I just thought this fish was so adorable! At least they are fish that didn't get away! Makes wonderful gifts for those fish lovers! There are more fish in the store!

My last fun finds are from nadelwerk. Do you read and forget what page you are on? Look no more and there are beautiful bookmarks in the store as well as other items. Go check them out!

Monday, August 18, 2008

What is "On a Stick" at the Iowa State fair?

Each year there is something new arriving at the fair for on a stick. This year was pineapple on a stick. But this is deep fried with funnel cake batter...... here is what else is on a stick I know there is more, but this is all I could find.
*Chili cheese dog *Spicy chicken/shrimp * Cheese on stick
*Foot long *Hot dog *Fried Candy bars
*Bologna * Pickle on a stick *Sausage
*Pork chops on a stick *Chocolate cover cheese cake *Meatballs
*Frozen lemonade *Carmel apples *salad on a stick
*Turkey leg on a stick *Potato Lollipop *cotton candy
*Chocolate covered ice cream cookies
*Chocolate covered fudge brownie on a stick
I can't wait to hear what will be next year. Did I make you hungry?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fall Preview

Here is a fall preview of a new necklace I just finished. There will be earrings to match.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun Etsy Finds

I wanted to share some fun things I found on Etsy. This first store is from BendingPeak. It is a Yellow Jana Pocket. I just think these pocket organizers are so cute and clever. What a way to get a girl more organized!

Also check out her whole store because there is other fun things she makes. Click here

Then we have some gorgeous and fun earrings (Roma) from earrings101 that would fit nicely into the organizer. Don't those earrings look just like the real tomatoes! Yum!

Since it has been hot for the summer what a cool way to wash off with some fun soap. This soap looks so beautiful as making you feel cool. It is from Pegasussoaps It is called Blue Mountain Cold Process handmade soap. The name itself just seems to sound so cooling.