Monday, July 27, 2009

Picking an Etsy treasury

I decided to pick a treasury for the front page myself to see what it was like. I only looked into treasury west. Started 8:50 pm last night and did 1/2 hour before I got tired and was only on page 4. I had 11 more pages to go. If I could see these all at once maybe it would be easier. I thought I'll keep going, but then looking at more of the treasury was getting harder to pick just only one for the front page. Now I understand how hard it can be to pick the front page. I was not even near done and I didn't even get into the regular treasury. How many more hours would it have taken me? Well I will still post off the 4 pages what I thought would be great. I give credit to a buyer. Edited 9:45 pm. Whoo Hoo this ended up on the front page of Etsy today. A big thank you to Etsy!

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