Monday, February 28, 2011

What I have learned on being on crutches

I have been trying to heal these past few weeks. I'm definitely not an ice skater. So I fell and fracture my ankle on Feb 4th. Picture below is my cast. This is the first time I have been on crutches and needless to say it isn't fun. Now I understand how people feel. This is a learning lesson for me. What have a learned so far.

1. Lots of patience. I think this is a life lesson for me, what is that patience

2. Upper body strength I'm definitely developing that. Especially going up stair backwards in my house on my butt. The triceps are getting a very nice work out besides other parts of me.

3. Can't talk on phone using crutches- this just doesn't work need the hands free thingy

4. House work-Yeah! I love this I don't have to do it!! But I have no elves either (okay my husband is trying to do this)

5. Microwave-of course it had to stop working while I'm on crutches then have to use the "oven" what is that? My husband has been so wonderful cooking. Thanks to him!!

6. I really love this one-Electric Start this is so nice to have your car get started before you get in. I really appreciate I have this. High on my recommendation list! Works great for being on crutches.

7. Strangers- They do care because will open and hold the door for you!! People can be nice

8. Chair on wheels this is great if you have a chair at home that has wheels (and I'm not talking about a wheelchair)you can roll around if you have wooden floors. Help save on crutch-in it

9. Books, movies, magazines-I'm enjoying this one also. Plenty of time to catch up on my movies and reading.

10. Steps-I have not mastered using crutches going up them, but much better going down them

Hopefully you have enjoyed this. Need to have the dummies for using crutches. I needed that book. Maybe You tube has something I need to go check it out.

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