Monday, June 27, 2011

Order of Arrow Ceremony

I'm so excited this past week. My son was at his Boy Scout camp all week and he was picked for Order of Arrow. That is a special ceremony they hold for boys that are picked out of camp and have to due certain things required of them to get this Order of Arrow Badge. You can see it on the guys below is a white sash with a red arrow. This is what he received after the requirements.The ceremony was held at Mitigwa, Iowa. The first picture is the beginning of the ceremony. We had to walk from there to a different part of the camp and all Order of the Arrow scouts lit a path for us to follow and we are not to speak during this ceremony. It was neat to see this being performed. My 2nd picture is a night shot in the second location of ceremony and the last picture is my son being picked on the left. We(his dad and I ) are so proud of him and congratulations to you Jared!

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