Monday, June 9, 2008


I have been secretly admiring this Etsy artist for . Please go check out this lovely store. She makes unique handbag and accessories. Jpatpurses explains, "Due to my special bat quilt interfacing technique that I developed, each item has structure, strength and stability yet still so soft and comfortable to carry. I use no patterns in the making of my items. "
I can speak from experience that statement is just as Jpatpurses explains. The purse does feel soft yet very durable. My last purse I bought was leather. I could of easily went to Younkers or Kohls to buy my purse. But instead I decided to put in a request for a custom order and it was my first on Etsy. What a great experience I had! I could not believe how fast the order was finished and shipped in a timely matter. To my surprise it was within one week. I decided to take a picture of my purse after arriving at my place. Here is the lovely purse that was customized for me.

She has made an excellent purse with high quality fabric and her stitching is very top notched. I love the ease of this purse and how it was designed. The pockets on the outside are great to have. I am very pleased to have made this wonderful decision and wanted to share this talented Etsy artist!

Here are some other wonderful items from Jpatpurses
You can find many different items that Jpatpurses makes- just click below and will take you there

Ziplet Wristlets

Click It Wallets

Gadget cases/ ipod cell

Boxie Zipper pouch

Flat Bottom Zipper Pouch

Coin Purse/ Zip pouches

Little Zip pouches

Catch All Clutches

5 Pocket Zipper Handbag

Of course she does customer orders!

The next item that catches my eyes is the click it wallet.



Oh thanks so much for the wonderful feature!! I really enjoyed working with such a wonderful fellow Estian!! :)

Cthings said...

Thanks for stopping by Jpat! Your most welcome on the feature. Thanks again for making my lovely purse!

Kim said...

thank you :) Now I think I need to go browse your shop :)

Sew Bettie said...

What a great one of a kind purse.

fluffnflowers said...

That's a great looking bag! I'll have to go and check out her other stuff. Thanks for the write up. :)

Udora Body Care said...

Beautiful bag. I must go check out the shop. I am a sucker for handmade bags. :-)

Unknown said...

what a lovely bag!

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