Monday, November 9, 2009

I have a little secret

My new little secret is that I'm taking a beginners class in metal smithing. We have 6 students all together and I'm really enjoying it. So far we only had one class. I will have 2 more days for class. We had to pick out a design and begin working with it. I couldn't come up with one fast enough so I just did a leaf. So far I have the leaf cut out from silver and I'm working on the copper etching of the leaf veins. Below you will see what I have done. I plan on making a necklace out of it. Wish me luck. The tough part is coming for me I have never solder. So I will show my progress in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully it turns out.

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Caroline said...

Nice work! Metalsmithing sounds like a fun class.