Monday, November 16, 2009

Part 2, Metalsmithing class #2

I went to my 2nd metalsmithing class last Tues and this is what I did with my piece. I soaked the copper piece in acid to make the etching. Then cleaned it and the teacher helped me put my bail on by soldering it. Then we solder the two pieces together the silver and copper. Soaked in hot acid and cleaned again. I then filed it and sanded it to make the corners rounded. This is what it looks like now. Next week I will show you my finished product. I really have enjoyed the class and the teacher is really fun! I want to take more but budget is probably going to stop me for now.

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Orion Designs said...

I've taken a few metalsmithing classes too. It's great fun, but far more work than I'm prepared to do on a regular basis - lol! Your piece looks great!