Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Ornament Exchange gift came

Last night around 8:00pm which I think is very late for the UPS man to be delivering, but I was happy he did! My son mentioned it was from Georgia and I knew right away who sent it. Whitni from The delightful Daisy. We were paired up by pampkeringbeki who was hosting the 2009 Bloggers ornament exchange. I was like a kid in the candy store couldn't wait to open it up and my son wanted to watch. The packaging was great because it took me a little bit of time to get into it. The beautiful blue box it came in. I love blue and I already just enjoyed looking at it. The box is a treasurer itself!

Then after opening the beautiful blue box my wonderful "Li Bien" Ornament I found in it. Just gorgeous!! Thanks so much Whitni!! It is a great ornament!! I love the story inside too! Just amazing! Can you believe this is all hand painted through a tiny opening in a mouth blown glass.