Monday, December 21, 2009

Quick recipes for the Holidays

Do you need something that taste good yet doesn't take much time. I have 3 recipes I will share with you for the Holidays..The first one is real simple takes only 2 mins. It is called
Poor Man's Turtles. What you need is
1. small twist pretzels
2. rolos
3. roasted peanuts
4. a microwave and a microwaveable plate

First put the pretzel on a microwave safe dish, then add one rolo on top. I try to make 16 of these at once. Then microwave around 20-30 sec just soft enough to put the peanut on top of the rolo. Your done! These were a hit a few years ago when I brought them to a party.

Next recipe I don't know the name but the ingredients are

1. Mint M&M's
2. Vanilla almond bark
3. Twist pretzels
4. a stove or microwave and a pan

I use a stove and put the bark into a pan over the stove and melt the bark. Once melted put the pretzel in the bark to coat. Do this in groupings of 6 or 7. Then put tray lined with wax paper. Press 3 Mint M&M's in each circle of the pretzel. Put in refrigerator to chill. Around 5 min. Ready to serve and eat.

The last one is from Kraftfoods. com. It is called Planters Micowave Peanut Brittle. It is just great to eat. Just can't have one piece. I will direct you to the site so you can get the recipe there. Kraftfoodspeanutbrittle

Merry Christmas from Cthings!

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yummy & easy! Thanks for sharing!